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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Expanding your Business and the Insurance Needed with it!

Growing businesses need nurturing and protection to mature and become successful. Commercial insurance plays a vital role in protecting businesses from perils that otherwise could close the doors. Damages to a shop, warehouse, or production facility from severe weather are always possible. Staff and customers can have an accident on the property, and corporate-owned vehicles can be wrecked.

Trucks need specialized cargo and liability coverages along with complicated insurance filings.

The team at Kenosha Insurance's experience will help you get the right coverage at the right price.

How does Commercial Insurance Help?

Commercial insurance protects businesses with policies that cover different aspects of the company. Property insurance covers the company’s physical structures such as warehouse and storefronts. It will also cover equipment, supplies, and inventory.

The company’s fleet needs commercial vehicle insurance. For employees that are injured while at work, workers compensation protects them.

General liability insurance is there if a customer is injured onsite or is harmed by the company’s product, it can even protect in cases of libel, slander, or copyright infringement.

As every business is unique, there are other types of coverage you may discuss with your agent. Professional and product liability policies cover defective products or corporate negligence. If a disaster occurs and normal business operations are disrupted, loss of income insurance protects the company.

Our diverse carrier selection allows us to properly place business's with carriers that specialize in their type of business. This allows for the proper coverage, and makes life easy IF there ever is a claim.

The team of agents at Kenosha Insurance know the challenges businesses encounter. Our knowledgeable agents will get you the right coverage for a great price.

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