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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

Basic liability insurance is required in Wisconsin and Illinois. The basic package that you get thru an app or most websites usually is not enough for most people's needs. Kenosha Insurance offers a complete car insurance package and can help you get the policy that is right for you.

What can Auto Insurance do for me?

Wisconsin and Illinois are”at-fault” states, meaning the driver who caused an accident is responsible for damages caused in an accident. Insurance is on the vehicle itself, so anyone you allow to drive your car will be covered in an accident. Most car insurance also covers you when driving a rental car.

Liability insurance only covers damages you cause. Collision coverage includes damage to your vehicle, and there is Comprehensive coverage for everything else. If a tree falls on your car, that would be covered by comprehensive insurance.

Going Beyond the Minimums

You should get more than the minimum requirements to cover yourself and your loved ones. We can guide you on what is suitable for you.

Many factors influence price, including your past driving history, and you may also choose different deductibles. These choices will affect how much the insurance will cost. If you owe money on your car, the loan contract will require you to have full coverage. You would be wise to have full coverage if the vehicle is relatively new and still has some value. It is good to know the fair market value of your car for that reason. Remember if you don't have full coverage and you total a car that's "Not worth much"-you still have to replace it-out of your pocket. Even if your car is not worth much If you are in an accident and the repairs would cost more than the fair market value of the car, it will be ruled a total loss, and you will get paid for the fair market value. At least you can take that and purchase your next car.

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